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Article by: jill@sisumail.com (Jill Simpson) Published: 23/11/2009

New Extension to Malaga Airport will be complete in 2010

MALAGA AIRPORT - the future / AEROPUERTO DE MÁLAGA - development of the new runway, which is the most comprehensive transformation in its history of the MALAGA AIRPORT. It is as major part of the strategy called ” PLAN MÁLAGA – un aeropuerto para el futuro”, which has been developed by AENA (Spanish Airports and Air Navigation / Aeropuertos Españoles y Navegación Aérea).

The Malaga Plan is a modernization and extension of the current installations at Málaga Airport to service more than 20 million passengers in the future. In order to achieve the Malaga Plan’s objective the work has been divided into two phases:

First Phase: “New Terminal Area”, involving renovation and extension of existing terminal and the construction of the New Terminal Building as the most significant milestone. The new terminal will open in 2008. Second Phase: “Extension of the Airfields”, which mainly includes the construction of the second runway which will be completed in 2010


External Article Link: www.clearvoice.org.uk/clear_voice_news/clear_voice_news.cfm?id=265

Article Link: www.clearvoice.org.uk/clear_voice_news/clear_voice_news.cfm?id=265

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